Jul 18, 2009

Akira Ikifube - King Kong Vs Godzilla - 1962

From the "pretty-named" La-La Land Records, Here is the Original motion picture soundtrack to the classic 1962 Toho Studios monster thriller "King Kong Vs. Godzilla." Legendary composer Akira Ifukube ("Godzilla") fashions a spellbinding orchestral score to chronicle this one-of-a-kind battle between two of filmdom's most beloved creatures. Remastered from Toho Studio vault sources, with bonus tracks and featuring exclusive liner notes, this is the definitive release of Ifukube's amazing score.

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Kosmos - Soundtracks of Eastern Germany's Adventures in Space

Now this is something different! Kosmos brings together a collection of music from East German Sci-Fi movies from the '60's & '70's. Composed by Karl-Ernst Sasse & Günther Fischer, two of East Germany's most important movie soundtrack composers, the music on this CD/LP is a real smorgasbord of styles; from groovy beat, to folk and through to ambient and weird electronic noises. Interspersed with vocal and electronic SFX from the movies themselves, listening to this collection is like taking a fascinating long and weird intergalactic journey. Turn the lights out, listen and get spaced out!

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