Nov 30, 2014

AKIRA IFUKUBE // Other Works. Precious

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Akira Ifukube was born in Hokkaido, Japan May 31, 1914 and died on February 8, 2006. He is very well known to Toho fans for his scores to most of the Godzilla films. He was a prolific and well known composer in Japan with a status similar to that of John that of John Williams or Jerry Goldsmith in the United States. Mr. Ifukube is responsible for the many memorable marches and action pieces heard in the original 1954 "Godzilla" film as well as many to follow and in other films from Toho studios. Besides film scores Mr. Ifukube has written many orchestral and native folk pieces of music.

Beside his most famous activities, I've just discovered this rare and precious unknown release, published by Fontec Records in 1991. I was already a huge fan of his soundtracks works but I definitly can't stop listen to this one this week. Hope you enjoy as i do.

Fontec Records, Japan (FOCD-3144), released 12/10/91 (Stereo) 
Also released on LP as FONC-5059
Picture: Lawrence Tuczynski © 2003

Studio performances of "Toka, Cantilena Ballabile sul Mode Antico di Giappone" (1967), "Toccata per Chitarra" (1970) and "Fantasia for Baroque Lute" (1980). Yoh Nishimura (guitar) and Deborah Minken (baroque lute). Recorded on March 26th, 1985 and April 9th, 1985 at St. Gregorian House, Betty 2nd Studio.

Full credits lines:
English Title: Works By Akira Ifukube 3
Recorded March 26 & April 9, 1985 at St. Gregorian House Betty 2nd Studio
by The New Symphony Orchestra conducted by Maki Ishii
    Guitar by Yoh Nishimura on tracks 1-3
  1. TOKA, Cantilena Ballabile sul Mode Antico di Giappone (1967)
  2. TOCCATA per Chitarra (1970)
  3. KUGOKA, Aria Concertata di KUGO-Arpa (1969)
  4. Baroque Lute by Deborah Minkin on track 4
  5. FANTASIA for Baroque Lute (1980)

Oct 27, 2014

Ensemble of Found Metal, from scott lindroth

Ensemble of Found Metal from scott lindroth on Vimeo.

All metals were found at a recycling center. Used solenoids were acquired from ebay. I use SuperCollider (SC) for real time signal processing on the captured audio. SC also controls an Arduino which activates the solenoids. The performance algorithm models the biological phenomenon of fireflies synchronizing their flashes over time. I did not let the algorithm run to completion in this example, but you can see groups of instruments come into sync.
Next step is to compose music for two human percussionists to play with the mechanical ensemble.

Nov 23, 2013

Jim Wilson | God's Chorus of Crickets | crickets audio recording slowed way down

Tom Waits (on Jim Wilson): "Wilson, he's always playing with time. I heard a recording recently of crickets slowed way down. It sounds like a choir, it sounds like angel music. Something sparkling, celestial with full harmony and bass parts - you wouldn't believe it. It's like a sweeping chorus of heaven, and it's just slowed down, they didn't manipulate the tape at all. So I think when Wilson slows people down, it gives you a chance to watch them moving through space. And there's something to be said for slowing down the world."
Source: "Woyzeck to run at Freud Playhouse". Daily Bruin (USA), by Andrew Lee. December 3, 2002
Find more on the recording on this link:
Tom Waits on Tom waits talking about this recording -…rviews_tom_waits
More on the recording -
You can buy original recording here -…=viglink124132-20
Original recording from the author -
And more:…d-down-crickets/

May 31, 2013

Maiko Dance // Mount Kimbie - 'So Many Times, So Many Ways'

Happy accident. Monday evening I was looking at the pictures and films i took during my stay in Japan, while listening to the new Mount Kimbie album, then this video was fitting quite perfectly with one of the track, so i decided to fix and sync it. Here it is ;)

Mount Kimbie - 'So Many Times, So Many Ways' From new album 'Cold Spring Fault Less Youth' out 27th May 2013 through Warp Records.

Video credits: Maiko from Kyoto
Edit & Sync: Ek / Matthieu Bourel

May 2, 2012

FACTUM arte - Gómez de la Serna

Facsimile of Gómez de la Serna Madrid, 2011 

Factum Arte was comissioned the scanning and facsimile production for a work by spanish poet Ramón Gómez de la Serna. The MNCARS (Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía) hosted this untitled work (referred to as Window-Panel from the Ramón Gómez de la Serna's study on Hipólito Irigoyen street, Buenos Aires) temporarily as a loan from the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Madrid. MNCARS wished to have the work as part of their permanent collection, so a team from Factum Arte photographed and colour-scanned the original panel and mirrors that make up the piece. The finalised facsimile went on to be part of the permanent collection in the autumn of 2011.

Factum Arte's Grégoire Dupond operating the Dr. Clauss photographic system. 

The panel is accompanied by two mirrors with characteristic artifacts. These needed to be reproduced accordingly in the final result. 

After printing the separate pieces that inform the collage, a careful plan was made to ensure all overlapping was correct and the three-dimensional effect achieved.
Factum Arte's director Adam Lowe worked closely on the facsimile.
Images of the finished facsimile.
Thanks for reading

Sep 25, 2011

Amazing Sounds Sculptures by Zimoun

Sep 6, 2011

David Terranova

Music by Orbital: "Moment of Crisis" (Octane OST) Read about this here:

Jul 30, 2011

Gil Scott-Heron's "New York Is Killing Me" Remixed by Chris Cunningham!

Chris Cunningham's audiovisual remix of Gil Scott-Heron's "New York Is Killing Me". 2010.

"The director debuted his first new video in four years. Cunningham also remixed the audio into something considerably more ominous, which perfectly synchronizes with the shadowy, New York-at-night clip." 

Jul 28, 2011

Sad News. R.I.P Rei Harakami. Damn Too early

Rei Harakami was a Kyoto-based electronic musician from Hiroshima, Japan. 
He released his debut album in 1998 on Sublime Records. Follow-up albums, opa*q in 1999 and red curb in 2001 showcased his skills as an artist and producer. Rei's growing reputation has resulted in his becoming in demand as a producer and collaborator for artists such as UA, Great 3 and Coldcut. His recent collaboration as an artist and producer on Akiko Yano's 2004 album, Honto no Kimochi ("True feelings"), resulted in widespread recognition in Japan.

His fourth album in 2005, lust, quickly gained popularity in a variety of music scenes. In 2006, Harakami released new and past works on the compilation album Wasuremono ("Forgotten Items") and a project CD Colors of the Dark for the Planetarium. In 2007, he composed the music for the film Tennen Kokekko ("A Gentle Breeze in the Village") based on Fusako Kuramichi's novel of the same name centered around a group of teenagers in rural Japan.
Mostly ambiant like, sometimes close to Squarepusher, Aphex or even Oval. A variety of different worlds. His worlds and we thankfully keep a part of that..

Jan 17, 2011

History : Early Sound Design - Suzanne Ciani, Sexy voice, Sexy Sound

 Thx to Matt Subjex for this

At Wellesley as an undergraduate, Suzanne went on a field trip to MIT. There she was introduced to a professor who was attempting to make his computer re-create the sound of a violin. Thus began Suzanne's 25 year Odyssey with the art of electronic music. She was there in its nascence and instrumental in its growth and ascendancy. As a graduate student in Music Composition at Cal Berkeley in the late 60s, Suzanne began working with the pioneers of electronic music.

Final result on the Bally Xenon pinball machin. Raowww

She had her roots in both digital and analog synthesis from the beginning. She studied at Stanford with Max Matthews, and John Chowning, the father of digital frequency modulation. But what most changed her life was meeting one of the earliest designers of analog music instruments, Don Buchla, whose apprentice she became, working on the assembly line at his Oakland shipyard loft. She was to devote the next ten years of her life to exploring the possibilities of this unique instrument, the Buchla, and her mastery of it would launch her career, which is not really my type of music. I prefer pinball freaky sounds personnaly, but im not here to judge. ;)

Here is the Buchla thing & buchla sound (click)

You can anyway check her website for more

Jan 10, 2011

Sound design: Steve Reich - Different Trains

This late-'80s work finds the minimalist composer mixing acoustic and taped material to great effect. The disc's centerpiece is "Different Trains", a work that frames Steve Reich's impressions of his boyhood train trips between his mother in Los Angeles and his father in New York; Reich also intersperses references to the much more harrowing train rides Jews were forced to take to Nazi concentration camps. Using the fine playing of the Kronos Quartet as a base, Reich layers the work with the taped train musings of his governess, a retired Pullman porter, and various Holocaust survivors -- vintage train sounds from the '30s and '40s add to the riveting arrangement. And for some nice contrast, Reich recruits guitarist Pat Metheny to create a similarly momentous piece in "Electric Counterpoint" (Metheny plays live over a multi-tracked tape of ten guitars and two electric basses). Two fine works by Reich in his prime.

Jan 9, 2011

The man i want for dinner: Marc Ribot, Intense

(and of course John Zorn, Fred Frith, Trevor Dunn, Joey Baron, etcetera)

I guess it could be seen as something like jazzu rock jewisho propsyche s*** but for me, still an amazing hippo impro from Marc Ribot, from quiet to the max.
All orchestred by John Zorn for the so famous Masada project, I like to see how some musicians know each other enough, after playing altogether years after years, to built something on impro, and to listen to each other as they do.

Tzadic Records History

At the Mountain of Madness: Live in Europe

/2 link in covers/

Dec 30, 2010

Wall Painting: Supakitch and Koralie

Wall painting by Supakitch and Koralie
With the support of POSCA

Video by ELROY

Music by DLid (quatre rec. / Leonizer)

Dec 11, 2010

Music & Sounds, concrete: Christian Zanesi

Former student of Guy Maneveau and Marie-Françoise Lacaze at the Pau University (South of France) (1974-1975), of Pierre Schaeffer and Guy Reibel at the Paris Conservatory (1976-1977). In 1977 he joined the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM). There, he learnt and practised all the technical skills linked to sound, thanks to a wide range of experiences, productions and encounters.
He has initiated many projects in the field of radio, publications and musical events including: the Electromania radio show on France Musique, the festival Présences électronique and the CD box sets « Archives GRM », « Bernard Parmegiani, l’œuvre musicale », «  Luc Ferrari, l’œuvre électronique ».
He currently is the artistic director of the INA GRM.
Since the '90s Christian Zanési has been composing from his home studio and drawing his inspiration from the poetic encounter with remarkable sounds.

Christian Zanesi - Stop! L'Horizon