Jan 17, 2011

History : Early Sound Design - Suzanne Ciani, Sexy voice, Sexy Sound

 Thx to Matt Subjex for this

At Wellesley as an undergraduate, Suzanne went on a field trip to MIT. There she was introduced to a professor who was attempting to make his computer re-create the sound of a violin. Thus began Suzanne's 25 year Odyssey with the art of electronic music. She was there in its nascence and instrumental in its growth and ascendancy. As a graduate student in Music Composition at Cal Berkeley in the late 60s, Suzanne began working with the pioneers of electronic music.

Final result on the Bally Xenon pinball machin. Raowww

She had her roots in both digital and analog synthesis from the beginning. She studied at Stanford with Max Matthews, and John Chowning, the father of digital frequency modulation. But what most changed her life was meeting one of the earliest designers of analog music instruments, Don Buchla, whose apprentice she became, working on the assembly line at his Oakland shipyard loft. She was to devote the next ten years of her life to exploring the possibilities of this unique instrument, the Buchla, and her mastery of it would launch her career, which is not really my type of music. I prefer pinball freaky sounds personnaly, but im not here to judge. ;)

Here is the Buchla thing & buchla sound (click)

You can anyway check her website for more

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