Nov 30, 2014

AKIRA IFUKUBE // Other Works. Precious

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Akira Ifukube was born in Hokkaido, Japan May 31, 1914 and died on February 8, 2006. He is very well known to Toho fans for his scores to most of the Godzilla films. He was a prolific and well known composer in Japan with a status similar to that of John that of John Williams or Jerry Goldsmith in the United States. Mr. Ifukube is responsible for the many memorable marches and action pieces heard in the original 1954 "Godzilla" film as well as many to follow and in other films from Toho studios. Besides film scores Mr. Ifukube has written many orchestral and native folk pieces of music.

Beside his most famous activities, I've just discovered this rare and precious unknown release, published by Fontec Records in 1991. I was already a huge fan of his soundtracks works but I definitly can't stop listen to this one this week. Hope you enjoy as i do.

Fontec Records, Japan (FOCD-3144), released 12/10/91 (Stereo) 
Also released on LP as FONC-5059
Picture: Lawrence Tuczynski © 2003

Studio performances of "Toka, Cantilena Ballabile sul Mode Antico di Giappone" (1967), "Toccata per Chitarra" (1970) and "Fantasia for Baroque Lute" (1980). Yoh Nishimura (guitar) and Deborah Minken (baroque lute). Recorded on March 26th, 1985 and April 9th, 1985 at St. Gregorian House, Betty 2nd Studio.

Full credits lines:
English Title: Works By Akira Ifukube 3
Recorded March 26 & April 9, 1985 at St. Gregorian House Betty 2nd Studio
by The New Symphony Orchestra conducted by Maki Ishii
    Guitar by Yoh Nishimura on tracks 1-3
  1. TOKA, Cantilena Ballabile sul Mode Antico di Giappone (1967)
  2. TOCCATA per Chitarra (1970)
  3. KUGOKA, Aria Concertata di KUGO-Arpa (1969)
  4. Baroque Lute by Deborah Minkin on track 4
  5. FANTASIA for Baroque Lute (1980)

Oct 27, 2014

Ensemble of Found Metal, from scott lindroth

Ensemble of Found Metal from scott lindroth on Vimeo.

All metals were found at a recycling center. Used solenoids were acquired from ebay. I use SuperCollider (SC) for real time signal processing on the captured audio. SC also controls an Arduino which activates the solenoids. The performance algorithm models the biological phenomenon of fireflies synchronizing their flashes over time. I did not let the algorithm run to completion in this example, but you can see groups of instruments come into sync.
Next step is to compose music for two human percussionists to play with the mechanical ensemble.