Sep 13, 2009

Dummy Run Run!

Dummy Run - Pink Rocket (or Dummy run)
Hot Air BSE CD1
Released 1996


"First album from this combo, a more beat-obsessed take on SH&W (with whom they share member one: Andrew Sharpley) style anti-context and random cultural spatter (Read: Plunderphonics for the freak-beat set). While trying to refrain from using the word 'wacky', I've decided that it's probably the most apt tag one can place hereon. A decidedly different approach from the more dance-floor concerned end of breakbeat sonics. And a sense of humor (the track 'F.D.' chronicles the media-misconceptions of sample-based music through various timestretched host-idiot-comments before breaking into the chorus of the 'A-Team' theme). If any of you are confused on how to turn a 'musical spoons' record into a tearing drum n' bass steppa, look no further." -- Hrvatski.

& just for you, following Album & second, "Ice Cream headache", 1997. The first Dummy run LP I grooved on, and maybe my favorite. Fantastic bunny cover, music & bright white vynil.

Dummy Run - Ice Cream Headache
Hot Air BSE LP 002
Released 1997

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