Oct 31, 2009


TERRIE EX guitar, baritone guitar / G.W. SOK vocals
ANDY MOOR guitar, baritone guitar / KATHERINA EX drums, vocals

Ok. Today, The EX, for me, probably one of the best band on the planet. I guess the best introduction for you would be to see them live, but the record "Scrabbling at the lock", recorded in 1991 in Amsterdam, with Tom Cora could be the best alternative.

'After their start in 1979 The Ex developed over the years into a melting-pot of divergent musical styles: noise, rock, jazz, improvisation, and ethnic music have been interweaved under one unique umbrella: ‘Ex-music’. Discordant, highly rhythmic guitars, the rolling, almost African drumming style, and the furious delivery of the often sarcastic lyrics give the music of The Ex its special character.

So far, inalmost 28 years, The Ex played 1,270 concerts all over Europe, Northern America and Africa, and made over 20 CD-albums. Never pigeon-holed into one of pop music’s corny corners, The Ex is continuously in development, and always open for new ideas and collaborations with people of all kinds, people who’s spirit inspires and appeals to the group. The main principle remained; to make music with heart and soul, out of reach of commercial trends or expectations. The consequent independent approach of the group and the manner in which they organize their concerts and release and distribute their records themselves, set a significant example for the alternative music circuit.'

"Judging from this album, it was a stroke of genius to match Tom Cora's earthy, aggressive cello with the bludgeoning force of The Ex at full throttle."

"You're thinking of The Ex and 'the right to piss and shit in different colours'. (...) Their music is dense and down-the-line, distantly allusive, subtle, grainy, open, full and proudly, alertly dissident.""Indeed, most of 'Scrabbling' could be an intensely moving soundtrack for our times. 'Scrabbling' has blood, sweat, tears and the sweetest sounding cello money can buy".

Note: all their albums are still available via the Ex's website, at consumer friendly prices.

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