Jan 13, 2010

Philippe Sarde, Le Locataire Aka The Tenant (Polanski, 1976)

Here is the soundtrack of The Tenant. Perhaps Polanski's most personal work and the more atonal original soundtrack from Philippe sarde.

Darkly witty nightmare starring the director himself as a Parisian office worker who moves into an apartment recently vacated by a suicide victim. As he idly asks around about what happened, Polanski inadvertently irritates his friends and neighbors, who complain that the timid little man is too brash. The Tenant’s tone of abstracted anxiety is distinctive, and its central message, that the obnoxious define the world for everyone else, provides another tile in Polanski's career mosaic of paranoia and power brokerage. 

Key composer of the 70s and 80s French cinema, Philippe Sarde is a fantastic chameleon, entirely devoted to the film vision of a director.  He has composed music of an astonishingly wide range and at an amazing rate. Some critics find his body of work devoid of an overall style or personal imprint, but that is Sarde's intent. For Sarde, the music evolves from the film, from the director's idea of the film and his directorial style. Consequently, his musical compositions are as diverse as the films he scores.
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