May 31, 2010

TV from the late 80s: Christian Marclay on Night Music

I guess nothing to compare to our today-streamed-extra-HD-16/9-super-mega-pixelled-&-digitally-surrounded-8:1 TV programs, French tv music pre-dead dinosaurs guests & M(arketing)TV gagaz, Cold play posers or greenday clones. Technical progress is something. Ethics would have been able to be the key. Or when the passion is swallowed by a market.

Following, an interresting french interview of Marclay, during the french  "Mange Ta Ville" (Eat Your Town) festival. Talking about "The Sounds of Christmas",an  interactive sound installation, where Marclay invited some local djs and friends to remix about 1500 christmas songs old vynils on turntables.

For more, you can check a first post ive made about him here

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