Jun 5, 2010

Mouse On Mars - Instrumental LP (1997) & Live Session

Mouse On Mars. I used to love and listen that band so much in the 90's. Various differents post-dance-no-style-electronic-noise-experiments, from pure ambiant, gliches, noise to ultrabeats, always in personal approach, and nevertheless "musical" way. Totally in accords to my listenings of guys like squarepusher evolution, Oval, Aphex, Bogdan, wabi Sabi or Stock, Hausen & Walkman at the same times., far from my Noise listenings. When experiments in electronic music was a school to follow, not making claim to distinction. Some tracks were really part of my life playlist, and keep on. Some of  the Instrumental Lp. Take it here

St. Werner and Toma are childhood friends who were born on the same day, in the same hospital. Their first album, Vulvaland, was released in 1994 on the british record label Too Pure. This is considered their "straightest" and most focused album, mixing ambient and techno. Their second album, Iaora Tahit, has a much more playful feel and encompasses a wider variety of electronic dance genres. Read more

Extract from a liveshow in 2000. A blast compared now to the (now) laptop Era. Something to ear, to see, to feel. Improvised and remixed.

If u liked this or knew from them already, i suggest you to listen to that live recording here did in 2000. Different approach of some hits, with bass, drum and electronics, really close to their peel session. Nothing compared to what they do now, unfortunatly..

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