Nov 5, 2009

Bästard - radiant, discharged, crossed off

Following in the hyper-underground-shamefully-too-unknown-noise-bands-from-the-last-decade, Born from the ashes of Lyon's hardcore band Deity Guns, Bästard is now considered as a very important band in the nowadays music's landscape. During the early 90's, those pioneers have reached to an uncommon sound inspired by Sonic Youth and others Einsturzende Neubauten. From their beginning, they kept in their music that kind of fury, but used it 'til the end masterfully and always with some more inventiveness. Once became Bästard, they progressively abandon their noisy way of playing, to better include new sounds : samples and violin appear on the eponym album "Bästard" and this was only a beginning. Always looking after exciting sounds, they came to collaborate with jazz-clarinettist Denis Colin or experimental musician Erik Minkinnen (also famous for his Sister Iodine project). Many songs will be released on Ep's and all those will be compiled on "Side Stuff" Lp. It's in 1996 that the band peaked. "Radiant, Discharged, crossed off…" is still saluted by the whole press critics, as an essential post-rock work. Recorded by Andy Briant (member of Tortoise), this LP remains a classical advanced on his time, that pushed back the frontiers of music. Including the open minded attitude of jazz and industrial soundscapes, the result is still astounding.

I listen to this album again and again and again..

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