Nov 12, 2009

Sound Structure/Sculpture: Felix's Machine

Felix’s Machines are music making sculptures. They were constructed in his bedroom and exist to facilitate music by translating rhythmic audio structures into a three-dimensional visual show.

They function as musical instruments as well as kinetic sculptures. The Machines are a performance device, but can be well suited to act as an art installation, theatre accompaniment, or standalone sculpture.

The Machines invite an audience to share the experience of their creator. He aims to exploit the complexity found behind the workings of most digital music and present it as a more accessible equivalent. These Machines do not intend to match human potential. Instead they exist to test the advantages of mechanical instruments alone.

Winter 2007: early stage of development

Winter 2008: Extract from composition: 'Glide' recorded and filmed at Gasworks

Machines: Felix Thorn
DOP: Tom Swindell
Editor: Chris Barnet
Director: Tom Mansfield

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