Aug 7, 2010

James Horner - Brainstorm (1983)

Getting extremely able assistance from the London Symphony Orchestra, Horner devises a score of classical, choral, and dissonant elements that melds perfectly with this film's story of a device that can transfer the thoughts, sights, and smells of one person to the mind of another, but is then used for sinister purposes by the government. 
I love that movie. First of course because of Christopher Walken, then for the soundtrack and soundmix. The music fit wonderfully with the etherial theme of Brainstorm. The listener is taken on a ride from suspense to sorrow to elation, all while in the gentle embrace of Horner's skill. It really is a shame that this CD is so hard to find these days, so i'm pleased to share my copy with you

/link in cover/
you also can buy it here from Varese Sarabande

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