Jun 11, 2009

Last Night I Listenened To... Muzyka Dla Imigrantow

Muzyka Dla Imigrantów
was an EP by Bogdan Raczynski, released on the Famous Rephlex label, in 2001, same year of the Aphex Twin's drukqs, Squarepusher's Go plastic and Venetian Snares's Doll Doll Doll
. That's why maybe it took me a year to notice its existence. Dear old good years, where are you?

The CD was limited edition and only available originally through

Translations of the titles are listed after, in parentheses.

  1. "Długa podróż w chmurach" (Long journey in clouds)
  2. "I co dalej" (What's next)
  3. "Żegnaj ziemio ojczysta" (Goodbye fatherland)
  4. "Żegnajcie ołowiane żołnierzyki" (Goodbye leaden soldiers)
  5. "Zagubiona dusza w tłumie" (Soul lost in crowd)
  6. "Pierwsze kroki" (First steps)
  • GŁOS, AKORDEON, TRĄBKA, HARFA, FUJARKA - BOGDAN W. RACZYNSKI (voice, accordion, trumpet, harp, pipe - Bogdan W. Raczynski)
  • NAPISY: MAMA I TATA (inscriptions by mommy and daddy)
  • DLA MAMY I TATY (dedicated for mommy and daddy)
Pure beauty, which encourages me to continue my investigations in addition to electronic music. "Długa podróż w chmurach" bring you immediatly into it, while argumenting with your girlfriend, sitted in your armchair while smoking a cigarette, or looking by the window a rainy evening, like now. Time stop, as suspended. That moment when the title "music for immigrants" takes all its senses. Some rare grooves appears sometimes. Thank you bogdan!

Actually sold out for a while now. So, pleased to share my copy with you

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